Posture Rebellion is where to find convenient, kick-ass private posture classes that disobey the norm and help you change the way you live and move for the better.

1st Class: Sitting, Opening the Shoulders, Elongating the Neck

2nd Class: Bending, Lifting

3rd Class: Standing

4th Class: Walking, Going Up and Down Stairs

5th Class: Student’s choice, such as adapting yoga classes to be pain- and injury-free, sleeping on the side or back, sitting or standing at a desk, using digital devices, sitting during meditation, driving

What to expect

When you attend one of our private classes, we’ll take a look at what’s going on with your body, and then we’ll blow your mind with a whole new set of rules. The lessons you learned in the past may indeed be the culprits of your pain, so we teach you how to break the ache and avoid it in the future.

During each private class you’ll receive:

  1. One-hour of customized instruction
  2. Before and after photos
  3. Eye-opening slideshow
  4. Instruction sheets to take home for practice

Our posture classes aren’t exercise classes. It’s not about losing weight or working out. In fact, our classes are actually relatively “easy” in that you will re-learn how to use your body through repeated, precise movements. Our experienced teachers will also explain how to be tension-free and relax into the proper positions (who knew you had to learn how to relax?).

Along with our easy-to-follow instructions, our experienced teachers will make small, hands-on adjustments. Now, don’t freak out—we’re not going to be contorting you into circus-like positions. It’s just our gentle way to help you find the right rebellious posture.


Learn the rebel’s way to

  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Bend
  • Carry & Lift
  • Push
  • Walk
  • Sit While Driving
  • Sleep on Back
  • Sleep on Side

Learn The Truths About Posture