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There are teachers all over the country who can help you change the way you live and move for the better.


Each teacher is certified in teaching Aplomb, Balance and/or Spinefulness methods to relieve back and body pain.

You’ll learn how to sit, bend, lift, stand, walk, sleep on your side, and sleep on your back — all without pain, and all without surgeries, pain pills, or thousands of ab crunches. These methods have been honed since the 1960s, with continual learnings by observing populations with low incidences of back pain. By looking at what they are doing right and being pain free, we can find that painless way of living again in our own bodies.

Listing of Teachers Here


Listing of how to be certified here [link to Jenn’s website?]


Explanation of what “certification” means for each method?

What to expect

When you attend a class, we’ll take a look at what’s going on with your body, and then we’ll introduce a new set of guidelines. The lessons you learned in the past may indeed be the culprits of your pain, so we teach you how to break the ache and avoid it in the future.

These classes aren’t exercise classes. It’s not about losing weight or working out. In fact, classes are actually relatively “easy” in that you will re-learn how to use your body through repeated, precise movements. Each experienced teacher will also explain how to be tension-free and relax into the proper positions (who knew you had to learn how to relax?).

Along with easy-to-follow instructions, teachers will make small, gentle, hands-on adjustments.