The straight-up facts

  • 1
    Retrain your body to live pain-free taught by certified posture teachers
  • 2
    Individualized for your body and needs
  • 3
    No expensive accessories or equipment
  • 4
    Personal attention and customized, hands-on adjustments
  • 5
    All levels — no prerequisites required
  • 6
    Music, visuals and fun to the legal limit
    (we’re rebels, not maniacs)

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It feels good to be bad

Let’s give tradition the finger and get to the real root of your back and body pain, shall we? Bad posture habits have made messes of our spines and alignment, and Posture Rebellion® helps you fix the problem yourself. No miracle pills. No unrealistic quick fixes. Just bones, muscles and mechanics.

So if you’re ready to live pain-free (and maybe enjoy some extra strength, increased agility, bonus energy, better breathing and a leaner, taller look while you’re at it), get in here and let’s do this thing.

Posture Rebellion

The Method to our Madness

Posture Rebellion is taught by certified Spinefulness® Instructors and Posture Rebellion classes are based on the Spinefulness method taught by Jean Couch and Jenn Sherer at the Balance Center. For certification, teachers complete 120 hours of instruction and over 25 hours of hands-on assisting under Jean’s supervision. Teachers continues to hone their skills by attending continuing education classes each month.

And now in the spirit of going waaaaaay back to the beginning, Spinefulness is inspired by Aplomb, a French method originally developed by Noëlle Perez. These methods observe and research populations without prominent back pain. By examining what those folks do differently, we can identify what we’re doing “wrong” and, in turn, rewire our bodies back to comfort.

Why Rebel?